George Allison sends this next photograph. The man on the right is thought to be the son of Quay Elliott. Some have said the man on the left might be Olen Barry Northam born in Jones County in 1920. If anyone has other information about the two individuals please send me an email so the information can be included on this page.

Born in Perry County, Alabama, Andrew Jackson Worrell and wife Henrietta Edwards came first to Fannin County, Texas. In 1906 the couple and their two daughters moved to Jones County, Texas. Henrietta died in 1913 and in 1920 Andrew remarried to another Alabama girl named Elizabeth Tyson. Andrew and Henrietta are both buried in Fairview Cemetery, Jones County, Texas. There was a third dughter, Velma, for which no information is available and a fourth daughter died at age one month in Alabama.

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