Ann from California has sent the first group of pictures and promises some more. Her famiy lived for many years in Jones County (Neinda area). If you can identify anyone send me an email and I will enter the name in the blank space(s) I have left at the picture. If you wish to contact Ann, send an email HERE. Pictures are viewed left to right and people are identified left to right in each photograph.

Class Reunion 3/26/1952. Unknown location, or what school          (1B) Mary Louise (Scott) Alexander
(1A) Doay B. Unknown if this is the given name or the surname.       (2B) Unknown Person
(2A) Hughes This is the surname, initials unknown.
(3A) W. B. Only initials are known.
(4A) W. T. Hanner
(5A) B. M. F.Only initials are known
(6A) B. A. Only initials are known
(7A) Unknown
(8A) L. N. Only initials are known

(1C) Dickie Robertson               (1D) Mary Louise (Scott) Alexander   (2D) Unknown   (3D) Unknown
Unknown location or school.       (4D) Unknown   (5D) Unknown  (6D) Unknown  (7D) Unknown   
                                                   (8D) Unknown   (9D) Unknown    (10D) Unknown   (11D) Unknown   
                                                 (12D) Unknown   (13D) John Max Alexander

(1E) Unknown   (2E) Unknown  (3E) Unknown                        (1F) Unknown   (2F)Unknown  
4E) Unknown   (5E) Mary Louise Scott                                     (3F)Looks like Mary Louise Alexander
(6E) Lovida Tidwell Scott

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