(Story 1---Ann's Grandpa)

I asked Ann to write a little of the history as she remembers it surrounding
the life of C. D. Scott, a long time resident of Jones County and also her grandfather.
I wish to thank her for taking the time to collect the material for this page and for sharing
the information with those who visit this website. She holds copyright to
the story as she tells it and the images she has attached.
Her permission is required to use any of the material presented.

My grandfather, C. D. Scott was born 13 August 1882 in Tate County Mississippi. His parents were George Winchester Scott and Leonard Lewis Ellis. At Neinda, Jones County, Texas on 11 November 1908 grandpa Scott married Daisy Jo Williams, the daughter of Valerius Winchester Williams Jr. and Josephine Minnie Wilkerson. Daisy was born 3 October 1892 in Woodruff County Arkansas.

The young family lived in a four room house on the property which is now the Williams place. They were blessed with seven children, four of which are shown in this picture with C.D. and Daisy. Left to right the children are; C.D. Junior, George Winchester, Mary Louise, and Louise. The other children were; Neelie Mae, George Staton, and Berry. In 1915 Louise died from the complications of a ruptured appendix caused many thought by the green apples she had eaten. Little Berry Scott died only five days after his 30 November 1930 birth.

C.D. and Daisy were a hard working couple. He farmed close to 100 acres and would often take a team of mules and a wagon and help work on the Neinda road. Each day after the household chores were finished, Daisy would put on apron and bonnet for the "outside work". In town they sold garden vegetables, eggs, butter and fryers. Their surviving daughter, Neelie, told me that Daisy quilted all the time and made beautiful quilts. There was no running water in the house and no closets. All of their clothes were kept in boxes. Daisy had quilts that she rolled out to keep the sand and dust from covering all their clothes. Neelie also mentioned that she generally helped with the chickens and gathered chips for the stove while Mary (being older) was more likely to help with the household chores.

At 4:18 the afternoon of 19-April-1936 in Hamlin, Texas, Daisy passed away. According to the entry C.D. made in the Memorial Record Book, she was 43 years, 6 months and 16 days of age upon her death. My grandfather made another entry in that record book. I have included an image of the page he wrote. Transcribed it says, "We see the place where she used to stand. We hear her step and face her smile. None sit in her empty chair but we smile through thicking mist of tears. We know she is safe above by the throne where the Master reigns. For she knew that her God Was Love. Her presence is with us but her place is empty. Twill never be filled".

So half the family is gone but they managed to bring five children to adulthood and in this 1960s picture they are doing well. Left to right these people are:

George Winchester Scott went on to marry Lovida Tidwell. He joined the Army and was stationed in Killeen Texas. They had 2 sons, George Waylon and Douglas.

Neelie Mae Scott went on to marry Ray Johnson a resident of Hamlin, Texas They had 2 children, Ray Jr. and Cynthia Ann. Ray was a hard working farmer and also worked in the Hamlin Gin.

William Staton married Clara Spradling. They had no children. Bill was also a farmer and worked in the Neinda gin. He lost his left hand up to just below his elbow in a terrible accident at the gin, but that never slowed him down.

Mary Louise Scott married her high school sweetheart, John Max Alexander. They settled in Crane, Texas and raised 4 children. John Max, Jr., Joe Scott, Anna Margaret, and Charles William. They owned and operated Johnny’s Drive in Grocery.

C. D. Scott Jr.and Ottie Mae Denison married and they settled in Eunice, New Mexico. They had 2 children, Jo Willina and Terry. They owned a lumber yard in Eunice.

And their father C.D. Scott

After the kids were all grown and gone, they all got together and built C.D. a 2 room house on the Alexander place in Neinda, just up the road from Brown’s store. C.D. Jr. brought lumber from Eunice and all the sons and John Alexander worked to get it all ready for him to live in. Mary and Neelie cooked for the work party. He had a cistern at the back of the house where he brought in water in a bucket and he used a dipper to dip out the water. He had an outhouse that was absolutely DREADFUL. I also remember he dipped snuff. We could always count on his homemade sausage and biscuits just waiting for us in his refrigerator. Later an addition was made to the small house, a bathroom. C.D. swore he neither needed nor wanted the new bathroom.

C.D. Scott passed away on 7 December 1970. Pa Scott, we miss you so much!

By: Anna Alexander Silva 21 May 2004
With the loving help of Neelie Mae Johnson
Thanks Aunt Neelie…I love you.