Roger Kirkpatrick sent this wonderful picture of 1907 Anson Texas. The circus must have been in town because if you look closely in the deep background, the ferris wheel can be seen.

Highly decorated buggy (date unknown).

This is a picture of the old Opera House shortly after its construction.

Large growing high school.

This picture is in front of the James Maxey home. James was Roger's great grandfather.

This is the James Maxey family. Back row left to right:Frank, Clark, Jewell, Myrtle, Mabel Front row: Galen, Herman, James (the father). Creola, Henrietta (James' wife), Leta. If you would like to see a larger print of this photo CLICK HERE. Remember to use your back key to return to this page.

An interior view of the hardware store. James J. Maxey is at the far right. If you would like to see a larger version of the same photo, CLICK HERE. Use your "back key" to return to this page.

Pretty fancy logo (letterhead) for that period.

This is Herman Maxey and Joe Womack in the senior play....abt 1918

Left to right....Two brothers, Herman Maxey and Galen Maxey

Heaadstone of the inf daughter of J. J. Maxey family. The dates read 26Sep 1900 - 22 Oct. 1900

James Jackson Maxey death notice.

James J. Maxey headstone. New Hope Cemetery Anson, Texas

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