Donna supplied this photograph but was unable to identify the year or any of the individuals shown. I suspect the year was near 1910. If you have additional information about this photograph or you can identify anyone please send the information to Hugh Swift and I will add it to this webpage. There is also a link to a photo of the reverse side of the picture and another larger copy of the picture.. Several names are shown but damage to the photo makes it impossible to match the names to an image.

CLICK HERE here to view the back of the picture. Some of the names shown on the back are: Clifton Smith, Tom Ashburn, Mose Jones, Harriet Lewis, Ray Appling, Carl May, Nancy Shurn, L. Hill, Elmer Meadows, Nancy Ervin, Bulah Shaver, Florin Lewis Mattie Jones, Lula Watts, Viola Hill, and Lillie May Hill.

CLICK HERE to see a larger copy of the picture.

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