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Hidden away in the bottom of an old trunk, old albums on a top shelf in the closet, a cigar box full in the attic.....? I'm talking about old pictures of people, places, or things you can't put a name with - you know, high school classmates of your mom or dad, an unknown street scene, or even an old automobile you can't identify. Well here is your chance (I know it's slim) to have the photo identified. Scan the photo (or photos) and send them along with any details that might tell where they are from, to Hugh Swift. I will place the images, any comments, and your first name on this website and maybe, just maybe, someone will recognize a photo and let us know!

1. CLICK HERE for the first group of pictures supplied by Ann Scott. .

2. CLICK HERE for the pictures of two ladies from the Stamford area that Gary Garrett is trying to identify.

3. CLICK HERE for photographs of two men George Allison would like to identify.

4. CLICK HERE for photographs of the two Worrell daughters. The family moved to Anson in 1906.

5. CLICK HERE for a photograph of the children attending Tuxedo School, circa early 1900s.

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